FZI Asthma Core Facility


Welcome to the Asthma Core Facility

In the past the Asthma Core Facility was a service provided by the FZI. Currently, measurements on the equipment financed by the FZI can be carried out by the working groups themselves. The prerequisite for this is a corresponding application for animal experiments (Tierversuchsantrag) or an extension of an existing application to include such lung function measurements as well as instruction in the method. The measurement itself takes 30 minutes and including the preparation/tracheotomy of the mice (similar to the removal of the bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL)), it takes about 1 hour for a run with 4 animals. Since this is an invasive measurement, time for the subsequent organ preparation must also be taken into account, so that at least two people should work together.

If you are interested using our equipment or need information regarding the Asthma CF, please contact either PD Dr. Iris Bellinghausen (Iris.Bellinghausen@unimedizin-mainz.de) or Jelena Laus (jellakus@uni-mainz.de) for further information.

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